Developing with ReplixDoc

Getting Started

Integrating with ReplixDoc is simple. If you are developing code to connect to the Replix® Platform Cloud service, you can use the ReplixDoc SOAP API. Our recommended approach to learn about the SOAP API is to try one of tutorials. There are tutorials for many different programming languages that walk you through the steps needed to send a secure document message. Then we recommend using our samples to extend your knowledge of our API to see how to perform the most common activities such as checking the status of a sent message or retrieving the content of a newly received message.

 ReplixDoc APIs

SOAP SOAP Reference

The ReplixDoc SOAP Reference details all of the SOAP methods and data structures. It also shows raw HTTP SOAP requests and responses.


Our samples show how to perform the most common activities such as sending secure document, checking the status of the messages, and retrieving document content.

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Our tutorials walk you through creating an application, connecting the application to the ReplixDoc SOAP API, and using the API to send and retrieve secure documents.

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