Developing with ReplixFax

Getting Started

Integrating with ReplixFax is simple. If you will be developing code to connect to the ReplixFax Cloud service, you can use the ReplixFax SOAP API. Our recommended approach to learn about the SOAP API, is to try one of tutorials. There are tutorials for many different programming languages that walk you through the steps needed to send a fax. Then we recommend using our samples to extend your knowledge of our API to see how to perform the most common fax related activities such as checking for new incoming faxes and retrieving fax content. If you are interested in a non-development integration approach, use SMTP based integration to submit faxes via email to the cloud, or look at our Fax Loader that will submit fax jobs to the cloud once you put files to be faxed in a shared network folder.

Common Tasks

The most common tasks performed in faxing while using the API are to send a fax, check the status of a sent fax, and check for new received faxes. Regardless of which API is used (SOAP or REST), Softlinx has preferred approaches for accomplishing these tasks. It is strongly recommended that you follow these approaches when implementing an integration to the fax cloud service. Take a look at the details here.

 ReplixFax APIs

SOAP SOAP Reference

The ReplixFax SOAP Reference details all of the SOAP methods and data structures. It also shows raw HTTP SOAP requests and responses.

SOAP Samples

Our SOAP samples show how to perform the most common activities such as sending a fax, checking for new received faxes, and retrieving fax content. See preferred approaches for checking fax statuses.

SOAP Tutorials

Our tutorials walk you through creating an application, connecting to the ReplixFax SOAP API, and using the API to send and retrieve faxes. Don't forget to review the preferred approaches for checking fax statuses.

REST REST Reference

The ReplixFax REST Reference details all of the REST methods. It shows the raw HTTP requests and responses. cURL examples of requests are also provided.


The ReplixFax SMTP guide shows the options available when sending emails to the ReplixFax Service for conversion to outgoing faxes.

SOAP Fax Loader

To send faxes without using an API, put files in a local folder and use the Replix Fax Loader application. Recipient information such as fax number can optionally be determined by metadata files that correspond to the outgoing fax file.

SOAP Delivery Manager

The Delivery Manager application polls for newly arrived faxes, and allows you to electronically file sent and received faxes into selected network folders, capture fax metadata, and print a hard copy on a network printer.

SOAP Notification

A URL location can be registered with the ReplixFax Service to receive callback notifications when a fax is received or when an outgoing fax is sent.

A SFTP server can also be registered to receive inbound fax files and optional fax metadata.